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“Being a part of the JSW Program was the best thing that happened to me [since moving to Canada over a year ago].  I struggled to send out my resumes to employers and few interviews I got, I always left felt it had gone wrong.  All these were over after I completed JSW workshop in November.  I was then fully equipped to start the ball rolling, with my facilitator, who was so detailed and practical in her approach.  I soon got my first interview invitation a week after completing Module II and guess what? I was offered the position of Retail Sales Manager in Toronto.  I want to say a big THANK YOU to JSW, Pickering Welcome Centre and my facilitator for making my coming to Canada a success.”

Daryo Scott, client from Durham Unemployed Help Centre

"As a stay home Mom for more than five years, I had lost the confidence required for a fruitful and prompt job search. Then I learned about the JSW workshops offered at The Pickering Welcome Centre. Even before the Module I started, the brief session of the assessment that I had with my facilitator gave me the sense of self confidence and of clear objectives with regard to my career and future goals. During the workshop I learned the specific skills to build up a targeted resume and smart techniques like SAR to be successful and confident in preparing for interviews.  I was successful and now work at a CIC funded agency serving the new immigrants.  Words can’t express my deepest gratitude to JSW and my facilitator at The Pickering Welcome Centre."

Saima Gilani, client from Durham Unemployed Help Centre

Originally a High School Teacher, Eva decided to utilize her transferable skills and apply for jobs in the financial industry. Eva expressed the following, "Having a good understanding about the job market and the hiring process are very much important even for an experienced professional in a new country. The JSW program was really helpful and beneficial for me in finding the right job. I found the interview practice sessions very interactive and informative without which I would have not succeeded in my job search and successfully gained employment as a Customer Service Representative in the banking industry.  I strongly recommend JSW at WWCC to all the newcomers as a helping hand in their job searching period."

Eva Bose, Teacher from India

Client from Working Women Community Centre

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